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Central Cotton Station

Ministry: Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Marine Resources and Agro Industry

Cotton Division (Central Cotton Station)

Mission: To provide high quality of planting seed material for all cotton farmers.

To multiply Sea Island cotton and improve yield for commercial production of cotton lint for export.

Ms. Maudvere Bradford

Head of Department

The Central Cotton Station is located on Friar’s Hill Road. The Station is maintained by the Government of Antigua/ Barbuda to provide pedigree seeds for the Sea Island Cotton Industry in Antigua and Barbuda and other cotton producing countries.

The Station manages approximately (14) fourteen acres of cotton for it research and seed multiplication programme.  Presently, the Montserrat Sea Island Cotton is the variety of cotton that is grown commercially in Antigua and is distinctly known for its pure strain, beauty and long lint length. It is highly demanded on the international market.

The Station develops and maintains pure lines of the Sea Island Cotton, provide cotton farmers with training in collaboration with the Extension Division  on cotton production through Farmers Field School ,generate and transfer appropriate technologies within the farming sector in the Crop Diversification Programme, provide technical support to cotton farmers, collaborate with both Government and non governmental agencies to develop closer linkages to enhance the overall development of the agricultural sector.

Priorities 2008

1).        Sea Island Cotton – Seed multiplication, conservation of germplasm and yield enhancement by experimentation with improved agronomic practices, fertilizer regime, irrigation technologies and weed control.

2).        Production of pedigree seeds.

Station manager demonstrating to student of Seaview Academy
Station manager demonstrating to student of Seaview Academy
The CCS Office building established since 1945
The CCS Office building established since 1945