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Dunbars Station

Ministry: Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing & the Environment

Department of Agriculture (Dunbars Experimental Station)

Mission: To investigate and support the scientific approach to agricultural development for enhancing and sustaining agricultural productivity.

Mr. Caswall Joseph

Head of Department

The Dunbars Experimental Station manages approximately ten (10), acres of land for the development of crop research which involves the validation of technologies, protection and conservation of plant genetic resources, data/information gathering and dissemination of research work in enhancing technology transfer. The Station is also responsible for the introduction, adaptability, testing and use of new technologies to promote agriculture in Antigua and Barbuda.

Priorities 2008

1).        Documentation, management and conservation of agricultural plant genetic resources ochro, squash, eggplant, herbs etc.

2).        Adaptive Research – Field trials for the enhancement of new and improved agricultural technologies for cultivation of tree crops, vegetables and root crops

3).        Seed Production

4).        Collection of sweet potato, germplasm to conduct studies in characterization.

5).        Cabbage IPM trial

6).        Soil Improvement using legumes, fertilizers and crop rotation.

 IPM Tomato Trial (2007)
IPM Tomato Trial (2007)
Field Day at DES (2007)
Field Day at DES (2007)