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Environment Division

The Environment Division

The Environment Division
#1 Prime Minister Drive, Tel (268) 462-4625/462-0651
Fax (268) 462-6398/462-2836/460-6093

Environment Crime Hotline
Fax: 268-462-2836
Tel: 268-462-4625

The Environment Division is headed by a chief Environment Officer who directs several officers with varying responsibilities. The ED coordinates many projects and programs streaming from the international environmental conventions (CCC, CCD, CBD), and sources funding from a number of international agencies (WB, GEF,UNDP etc) to finance and assist the nation of Antigua & Barbuda to fulfill its international obligation to international environmental conventions.

Educational outreach is an important function of the ED and in this regard the Education Officers Conducts environmental workshops (Climate Change, bio-diversity) in many local schools.

The Environment Division provides grants to community groups who are interested in sensitizing residents on varying environmental issues.