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Lands Division

The Lands Division

2nd Floor Ministry Of Agriculture Headquarters

Queen Elizabeth Highway

(268)462-5576 or (268 ) 462-8824

Fax (268) 462 -6104

Email: lands.div@antigua.gov.ag

The Lands Division has the responsibility for the reallocation of subdivision of government lands to residential, agricultural and industrial uses and consequently has a major role to play in the conversion of land to non-agricultural uses. The Division also collects payment on sale of some lands as well as administrators leases on others.

The lands division is also responsible for the overall management and administration of properties owned by the state:


  • Preparation and recommendations of policy guidelines for the sustainable management of Crown Lands.
  • Processing of applications for purchase/lease of crown lands
  • Collection of revenue from sales and or lease and rental of crown lands
  • Processing legal transfers for properties sold by government
  • Collaboration with the ministries and agencies on the identification and designation of land for various uses
  • Processing of non-citizens application for licenses.

What is Crown Land: Any of the following can be defined as Crown Property:

  • Road and public ways maintained by the state, seashores; lands reclaimed from the sea; ports; harbours and all territories which are not private property.
  • Wells; streams and other defined water courses
  • All abandoned sugar estate properties; fortifications (including gates and walls).

Procedures for acquiring Crown Lands through the Lands Division:

  • Application are required to submit a written application
  • Application is validated
  • An acknowledgement letter is sent back to the applicant
  • Site inspection is carried out by the land inspector
  • A report is then forwarded to the chief lands officer
  • Once approved, a “request to survey”  is forwarded to the chief surveyor
  • An authenticated copy of the survey plan is issued upon completion
  • Al allocation letter is then prepared and issued to the applicant

NB: In case of lands for commercial purposes, a copy of the business plan should accompany the application.


  • Squatting on Crown Land is illegal;
  • Approval is required before building and placing signs on Crown Lands;
  • Sand mining is illegal;
  • Be aware of land use and zoning guidelines;
  • Enquiries on Crown Lands should be addressed to the Chief Lands Officer, or a search can be done at the Land Registry of the Ministry of Agriculture;
  • The Crown is subject to the same rights and responsibilities under the law as other property owners;
  • Monies owed to the Crown are recoverable under the law;
  • Properties owned by the Crown or revenue owed to the Crown cannot be prescribed.