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Plant Protection

Role of Plant Protection Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture

Plant Bug

Plant Bug

Role of Plant Protection (Extension Officers)

To conduct research aimed at finding   solutions to critical pest problems.
To solve farmers’ pest problems and enable them to produce better quality crops economically.
To identify pest and disease specimens and making appropriate recommendations for management.
To conduct island wide surveys
To control pest populationThe department/service saves the agricultural sector millions of dollars in crop loss due to pests’ damage. It is pivotal that persons traveling with agricultural produce declare them to quarantine officers when entering a country to reduce the spread and multiplication of plant pest and disease.

Role of Quarantine Officers

  • It is the first line of defense against the introduction of exotic pests and diseases (Inspection).
  • Its mandated to ensure that only the highest quality, pest free cut flowers and fresh produce are exported     and imported into the island
  • Issuing of permits for the importation and  export of agricultural produce.
  • Inspection of shipments of agricultural produce entering the country.
  • Inspection of incoming passenger baggage for the presence of prohibited material.

Role of Plant Protection

  • Two sections

Quarantine Officers
Field Officers (extension officers)

Role of Plant Protection Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture

Careers In Agriculture

  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Biologist
  • Ecologist
  • Environmentalist
  • Landscape Architect
  • Veterinarians
  • Plant Pathologist
  • Entomologist

§Agricultural Scientist
§Landscape Architect
§Plant Pathologist