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The Ministry

The Ministry of Agriculture Lands, Housing & the Environment

Queen Elizabeth and Independence Highway

(268) 462 -1007/8, 462 -0027, 562-5596

FAX: (268) 462-6104, (268) 562 -1303

 Minister Of Agriculture, Lands, Housing & the Environment:  Honorable Hilson Baptiste

Tel : 268 -562-4679 

Fax : 268-562 -1303

Minister Of State:  Honorable Chanlah Codrington

 Tel: 268-562-1399

Permanent Secretary: Sharon Peters

Tel: 268 -462 -1213

Fax:268 -462 -6104

Principal Assistant Secretary:  Annell Nicholas

Tel: 268 -462-1007 ext 250

 Acting Director Of Agriculture: Jedidiah Maxime

Tel : 268 -460 -9818

Fax: 268 -462-4962

Cell: 268 -764 -1259

Acting Deputy Director Of Agriculture:  Astley Joseph

 Tel: 268-462-0027

FAX: 268-462-4962

CELL: 268-764-1271

Communications Co-ordinator: Onika Campbell

268-462-1007 ext 246



Email: onika.campbell@gmail.com

Stations Cordinator – Dandridge Joseph

268 -464-9583


Technical Consultant: Julius Ross

268-562 -7164

268 -764-9696


 Dr Malverne Spencer: Director of Analytical Services

Alec  Goodwin: General Manager ADC



Dr. Oona Edwards  Chief Veterinary Officer


Charlesworth  Grant: CHAPA

Denzil Solomon: DCA

Algernon Grant/Adriel Thibou: Forestry

Dalma Hill: Central Marketing Corporation

Vernon Bird: Survey Department

Terrence Joseph: Equipment Pool

Astley Joseph: Livestock Officer

Dandridge Joseph: Manager, Christian Valley Station

Irose Henry : Cades Bay Station Manager

Ricky Christopher : Green Castle Station Manager

Caswall Joseph: Cotton Division

Dr. Janil Gore –Francis: Plant Protection  Officer

 Diann Black -Layne : Chief Environment Officer

Owolabi Elabanjo: Extension Officer

Sereno Benjamin: Extension Officer

Cheryl Jeffrey –Appleton: Chief Fisheries Officer

Philmore James: Deputy Fisheries Officer 

Onika Campbell : Communications Co-ordinator

Dessie Joseph : Urlings Fisheries Complex, Manager


The Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing & the Environment Description

 The Lands Division

2nd Floor Ministry of Agriculture Headquarters

Queen Elizabeth Highway

(268)462-5576 or (268) 462-8824

Fax (268) 462 -6104

Email: lands.div@antigua.gov.ag

 The Lands Division has the responsibility for the reallocation of subdivision of government lands to residential, agricultural and industrial uses and consequently has a major role to play in the conversion of land to non-agricultural uses. The Division also collects payment on sale of some lands as well as administrators leases on others.

The lands division is also responsible for the overall management and administration of properties owned by the state:



  • o    Preparation and recommendations of policy guidelines for the sustainable management of Crown Lands.
  • o    Processing of applications for purchase/lease of crown lands
  • o    Collection of revenue from sales and or lease and rental of crown lands
  • o    Processing legal transfers for properties sold by government
  • o    Collaboration with the ministries and agencies on the identification and designation of land for various uses
  • o    Processing of non-citizens application for licenses.


What is Crown Land: Any of the following can be defined as Crown Property:

  • o    Road and public ways maintained by the state, seashores; lands reclaimed from the sea; ports; harbours and all territories which are not private property.
  • o    Wells; streams and other defined water courses
  • o    All abandoned sugar estate properties; fortifications (including gates and walls).


Procedures for acquiring Crown Lands through the Lands Division:


  • o    Application are required to submit a written application
  • o    Application is validated
  • o    An acknowledgement letter is sent back to the applicant
  • o    Site inspection is carried out by the land inspector
  • o    A report is then forwarded to the chief lands officer
  • o    Once approved, a “request to survey”  is forwarded to the chief surveyor
  • o    An authenticated copy of the survey plan is issued upon completion
  • o    Al allocation letter is then prepared and issued to the applicant

NB: In case of lands for commercial purposes, a copy of the business plan should accompany the application.


Central Housing & Planning Authority (CHAPA)

All Saints Road             

462-0169 or 462-2033 or 462-9670

 The Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHAPA) advice on suitable sites, rehabilitates houses in the event of disaster (primarily hurricanes), develops new housing tracts, and redevelops blighted areas.


The Environment Division

 The Environment Division
#1 Prime Minister Drive, Tel (268) 462-4625/462-0651
Fax (268) 462-6398/462-2836/460-6093
Environment Crime Hotline
Fax: 268-462-2836
Tel: 268-462-4625

 The Environment Division is headed by a chief Environment Officer who directs several officers with varying responsibilities. The ED coordinates many projects and programs streaming from the international environmental conventions (CCC, CCD, CBD), and sources funding from a number of international agencies (WB, GEF,UNDP etc) to finance and assist the nation of Antigua & Barbuda to fulfill its international obligation to international environmental conventions.

 Educational outreach is an important function of the ED and in this regard the Education Officers Conducts environmental workshops (Climate Change, bio-diversity) in many local schools.

 The Environment Division provides grants to community groups who are interested in sensitizing residents on varying environmental issues.


Fisheries Division

Point Wharf Fisheries Complex
St. John’s

Tel: International:   268 462 1372

Local: 268 -462 -6106

FAX: 268-462-1372

Email: fisheries@antigua.gov .ag

November  1996), the overall goals of the fisheries sector are to:

  • develop and increase the potential of marine living resources to meet human nutritional needs, as well as social, economic and development goals; and
  • maintain or restore populations of marine species at levels that can produce the maximum sustainable yield as qualified by relevant environmental and economic factors, taking into consideration relationships among species.

Specific objectives of fisheries management include:

  • ensuring that the fishing industry is integrated into the policy- and decision-making process concerning fisheries and coastal zone management;
  • taking into account traditional knowledge and interests of local communities, small-scale artisanal fisheries and indigenous people in development and management programmes;
  • ensuring effective monitoring and enforcement with respect to fishing activities;
  • promoting scientific research with respect to fisheries resources;
  • protecting and restoring endangered marine species;
  • promoting the development and use of selective fishing gear and practices that minimize waste in the catch of target species and minimize by-catch of non-target species;
  • cooperating with other nations in the management of shared or highly migratory stocks; and
  • preserving rare or fragile ecosystems, as well as habitats and other ecologically sensitive areas, especially coral reefs, estuaries, mangroves, seagrass beds, and other spawning and nursery areas.


 The Forestry Unit (FU)

2ND Floor

Ministry Of Agriculture Headquarters

 The Forestry Unit, which is responsible for wildlife, falls under the department of Agriculture. The Forestry Unit is the official governmental agency in Antigua & Barbuda that is responsible for the conservation and management of the nation’s terrestrial biological diversity.


The Livestock Division

Paynters, St Georges

268-462 -3440


The Livestock Division has the responsibility, for the management and development of livestock programs in collaboration with the local livestock farmers.

 The Agricultural Extension Division

 The Agricultural Extension Division (AED) is responsible for farmers and also for the allocation of state lands to farmers for agricultural purposes (based on rentals). In order to allocate new lands for agricultural purposes, the AED, however, must first obtain permission from the LAD. The Chief Extension Officer has the authority to rent crown lands not exceeding two (2) hectares in size. Land plots exceeding (2) hectares are to be leased by the lands Division.

 Services Offered By the AED

Ploughing Services

Maintaining settlement roads and drains within watershed

Facilitating the removal of beehives and the control of swarms

Providing advice on agricultural production, pests and disease management –this may be done in collaboration with other Departments or Agencies.

 Other Services

 Allocating lands for agricultural purposes

Settling disputes concerning agricultural lands

Ensure that lands are used for the purpose obtained

Evicting delinquent farmers from agricultural lands

 Government Chemist Laboratories

 The Government chemist Laboratories performs analytical work in the areas of water and soil analyses to assist both crop and livestock farmers and also officers in the various departments.

 The Development Control Authority (DCA)

1st Floor Ministry of Agriculture Headquarters

268 (462-2038) or 462 -6426/7

 The Development Control Authority (DCA) is responsible for regulating:

 Developing lands

Design and construction

 The Town & Country Planner is the executive officer of the Authority for the administration and operation of system planning. Essentially the Town & Country Planner.

 Reviewing and studying matters pertaining to planning the use and development of land in Antigua & Barbuda

Signing and issuing all development permits, refusals of development permission, enforcing notices and other documents related to the DCA ACT.



 Central Marketing Corporation (CMC)

Kentish Road                                              462-1491 or 462-2569 FAX 462-4723

Table Hill Gardens Agricultural             460-3650

Dunbars                                                          460-9818

Greencastle Agricultural Station           462-0056

Central Cotton Station                               462 -0418 or 462 -1009

Agricultural Ext Division Valley Road     462 -1065

Point Wharf                                                462 -1372

Crop Research Unit                                    462 -3871

Chemistry & Food Technology                462-4373

Survey Department, Perry Bay               462 -2814 or 462-2821