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Profile of Chanlah Codrington

Biography -  Chanlah Codrington

Hon. Chanlah Codrington

Minister Chanlah Codrington

Chanlah Lorenzo was born on 10th January, 1958 in Sea View Farm village. He attended the Sea View Farm Primary School and the Antigua Grammar School. He obtained GCE passes in Physics, Mathematics, English, Biology and Spanish and has acquired a Bachelor of Law (LLB/ distance learning) from Holborn College / Wolverhampton University in the United Kingdom.  Mr. Codrington currently serves as the local representative for Holborn College.  In his professional life, he worked for twenty-eight (28) years at the Caribbean Relay Station as a technician.  He also was a Law lecturer at the Antigua State College.

Getting the Job Done in All Saints West

  • Established, with the assistance of Dr. Evelyn Weeks, a fresh water fish farm at Gunthropes
  • Enabled the supply of water to the residents of Bowl Crescent Ferris Farm, Herberts community, St. Clair Heights and Belle View Areas.
  • Opened the Community Computer Access Centres in Sea View Farm and All Saints for all residents
  • Initiated the commencement of the School Meals Programs at the Sea View Farm and Freeman’s Village Primary Schools.
  • Enabled the resurfacing of roads (asphalt and concrete) in the following communities, Sea View Farm, All Saints Main road, Buckleys Main Road, Bellevue Estate, Freeman’s Village, Clarke’s Hill/Belle View Area and Bell View Heights
  • Resurfaced the Buckleys basketball court
  • Applied hundreds of tons of top soil to the football field and school complex at Buckleys
  • Fenced and resurfaced the Sea View Farm football field to facilitate the First Division Football matches
  • Fenced the school and sporting complexes in the community
  • Engaged in constituency wide cleanup campaign in collaboration with the Ministry of Health
  • Opened the library at the UPP all Saints West Branch Office
  • Affiliated with the establishment of the vibrant community watch programmed within the Clarke’s Hill/Belle View Area.
  • Is an active member of the Health for the Children Foundation fundraiser program since 2006.

Planned Activities

  • Expand the fish farm for local and possible regional exports
  • Establish the All Saints West Construction Company to acquire government contracts, thus reducing unemployment
  • Establish an employment agency to work in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour
  • Establish Centre for the Elderly
  • Develop the All saints West Organisation tot he level of a Co-operative where vibrant entrepreneurial activity can flourish
  • Establish a recording studio for the aspiring musician and the commencement of t he All Saints West Musical Band.
  • Host classes in areas such as ectrical, arc welding and law as the demand arises.