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Gov’t Low Income Housing Project On Stream

17 November 2009 No Comment







 It is indeed a great honour for the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda to join the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing & the Environment and by extension the Government of Antigua & Barbuda on this historic occasion which sees the launch of the Follies Housing Development Project:

As I stand here, I stand here with mixed emotions, a happy and a sad man.

 Happy because finally, the Government of Antigua & Barbuda are bringing to realization a dream of a better life for our people through affordable homes, as the United Progressive Party seeks to satisfy the housing demanded of over 5,000 individuals.

 It is sad, because the Antigua labour Party for 28 –years failed miserably to cater for the needs of the low income earners in Antigua & Barbuda: Instead they wreak havoc with the lands, giving it away to the elite class they have created in this country at peppercorn price:

 This government has examined the situation and it was revealed that the people who were hurting were the poor people.

 The UPP knows that this is no fault of our communities, but it is because of the subjugation they experienced at the hands of the brutal ALP regime, which neglected the housing needs of the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda.

interior 1 But, today is a new day, the United Progressive Party promised affordable housing in our Manifesto and today we have delivered:

 Ninety Eight, low income houses will be erected on this site, at FOLLIES JOHN HUGHES through a joint venture between the Government of Antigua & Barbuda and GECOAS CONTRUCTION COMPANY.

 Six model houses, so far, are being built. We are moving in speed and indeed radically better the lives of the citizens of this country ARE OF PRAMOUNT IMPORTANCE.

 This government is saying all the people of this country must be decently housed, that no one must live in shaky edifices of slums when others enjoy the comfort of plush development.

 Very soon, another project at North Sound- 78 houses in the first phase will be built to facilitate the needs of our people and  at  Bolans (Jolly Hill)  will be taking shape,  not that the snail issue is under control.

This is the cornerstone of the policy of a people’s government.

 We are gathered here to ensure that indeed our people are decently housed in all the corners of our country as envisioned in the United Progressive Party programme of action

We at the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing & the Environment humbled that government is using our department to fulfill this historic task of decently housing our people.

 We have sought to increase housing delivery in order to satisfy the housing needs. This process will take years, but we have speeded up service delivery, and the evidence of that is the reason I am standing before you today.

 We are confident that we have a winning formula. Our policies are not merely the whims of government. They represent the genuine commitment by government to redress the housing problems and ensure that every citizen in this country sleeps in a comfortable house.

 As the department of Housing we subscribe to the belief that housing development is for everyone.

 We believe that all our people, especially the low income earners have greater access to government support and

Infrastructure including roads, More-over basic amenities such as water and electricity.

 This housing project launch today is an occasion that heralds the new and significant beginning for low income communities in our country.

  It is a project which will fundamentally and radically alter the lives of most of our people who live in this village.

 In doing so, we will have at least gone some way to realizing the goal that we have set ourselves: to improve and enhance the lives of all the people especially the poorest of the poor.

 This delivery has descended here in Follies today to Ensure that the ravaging effects of poverty, caused by inadequate housing, particularly among our communities become extinct.

 A total number of 98 families’ will be provided with decent

Houses through this project and a number of approximately 200 direct Job opportunities will be created as a result of this project and substantial number of informal job opportunities will be created.

 Developing more employment opportunities and ensures financial sustainability for members of the community.

 This project launch is a clear testimony of the commitment by the UPP government, that we are indeed putting words into action.

 We commit ourselves through projects like these to fight

Poverty and create a better life for all of our people.  It is our intention as government to eventually see all these communities properly housed.

 In conclusion, we want to thank the developers, CHAPA, DCA and all the persons working with our department to make this project a success.

 It is only through this kind of leadership that we, working together, can breathe life to the aspirations of our people in Antigua & Barbuda as we proclaim that: there

Shall be decent houses for all, security and comfort for all.

 I thank you.