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Brief history of Agricultural Stations

In the 1940′s a serious attempt was made to divest the agriculture sector away from the sugar monoculture.

Vission, Mission & Role


To be a vibrant organization guided by creativity, innovation, respect for the environment, standards of efficiency and the application of appropriate science and technology to deliver effective services.


Is to become centres of agricultural excellence by providing certified planting material, sound technical informationĀ  for producers and technicians and supplementing farmer’s production thereby ensuring national food security.

Role Of the Stations:

  • Generation and transfer of crop production technologies.
  • Dissemination of technology information.
  • Conducting economic studies on root and vegetable crop.
  • Conservation of germ plasm.
  • Production of planting material for vegetables, root crops, fruits and pineapple.
  • Facilitation of education and training programmes for schools and other agencies.

Recent Accomplishments on Staions

  • fertgation capability installed at GreenĀ  Castle to Facilitate field research.
  • Seedling and fruit tree propagation facilities upgraded at Green Castle.
  • Fruit an ornamental aboretums established.
  • Annual Mango Fest at Christian Valley is now an integral part of the national Agro Tourism Link.
  • Propagation technology for breadfruit was introduced at Christian Valley.
  • Rapid propagation of pineapple by the “deflowering” method was developed at Cades Bay and transfered to farmers.
  • High Density mango orchard and an arboretum of local fruits established at Cades Bay.